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Within this guide are some questions we often get asked about importing dogs and cats to Australia. We hope might assist you with some of your questions about our pet carriers service and importing your dog to Australia.


I’ve booked - what happens next:

Total Animal Logistics will provide you with a timeline and countdown to import, including a check list of what needs to be done prior to importing a pet to Australia. We'll discuss with you all aspects of your pet transport to Australia to ensure your cat or dog import to Australia is compliant with all the quarantine rules.


When do we get the import permit:

As soon as the RNATT Declaration has been received, we apply for the import permit to Australia. This can take up to 20 days to obtain. An import permit is required to all pet transport to Australia.

If you don't have a copy of the RNATT Declaration form you can download it here.


When do we book quarantine:

As soon as we receive the import permit we commence booking the quarantine stay. Quarantine will issue a tentative booking, however, confirmation is only granted once full payment has been made, following this we will confirm that your cat or dog quarantine in Australia has been secured.

What causes a delay in import:

When importing pets to Australia It’s important to remain flexible to the goal import date you are provided with, delays can happen for many reasons, the most common are:

  • government permits taking longer than usual

  • your payment not made by due dates

  • blood tests failing / retesting required

  • results not provided by the breeder / vet in a timely manner.


What happens if there is a delay in import:

Should there be a delay in import we will notify you immediately and provide you with alternative arrangements or recommendations for your pets transport to Australia.


What happens if I need to cancel:

If the booking is cancelled for any reason, there is a standard $500 cancellation fee to be paid. If work had already commenced on the pet import, any costs incurred by Total Animal Logistics will also be payable by the importer.


What happens if a blood test fails:

Any failure to meet the requirements of the import permit will need to be repeated, and any waiting periods will commence again from the date of the test providing a successful result. It is therefore vital to ensure a smooth pet transport that all paperwork for health testing is forwarded to us as soon as possible allowing us early detection of any abnormalities.

How long will my pet stay in quarantine in Australia:

Providing your pet has met the strict import conditions then they will be required to spend 10 nights in quarantine. See more about about biosecurity and importing dogs to Australia.

Can my dog or cat be on a special diet in quarantine in Australia:

Yes, providing you have a letter from a vet requesting the special diet, quarantine will accommodate most requests. You will be required to provide the food of choice.


Can I visit my cat or dog in quarantine:

In most cases the answer is no. Unless under special circumstances (such as grooming or health). These exceptions are granted by the director of the quarantine station.


What happens if my cat or dog gets sick in quarantine:

Upon arrival your pet will be examined by the Australian Government Vet and hopefully will receive the all clear. Should any issue be detected on that examination or during the stay a mobile vet will be arranged (with your consent) to visit the pet.


My cat or dog is in a non-approved country – can we still import:

Yes, there are certain requirements that we must meet, including all testing being done in an approved country. 


My breeder can’t keep the cat or dog the entire time – can you arrange for care:

Yes, we can arrange boarding your pet, often in a family home environment until the import conditions have been met and until such time we can arrange your pet transport to Australia.

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If you would like a quote to importing pets to Australia please contact or see our click through to go to our quote form here.


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